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Lisa G

Stefanie is truly a child’s best advocate and a parents best guide! She helps make a difficult situation better by helping parents navigate an often confusing and overwhelming system.

Jennifer B

Stefanie as been an inspiration to us. She has opened the doors to doctors that we wouldnt have access to or knowlegde of. She is extremely easy to talk to and gives all parents hope.

Dawn L

Stefanie is by far the very best in the field. She is professional, warm and beyond caring. She gets the doors opened that noone else can. We love her!!!!

Pamela N

Stefanie is a very competent, trustworthy and knowledgeable resource for parents. She takes the time to assess each child’s needs while always having their best interest at heart. She is very approachable and her strong relationships with the best doctors make her one of a kind!

Wendy S

There is no doubt that Stefanie is one of the most knowledgeable resources in the New York area when it comes to mental health providers, doctors, the “system” and children. She has amazing connections to and knowledge of New York doctors (she’s seriously unbelievable). After meeting with and getting to know you, she can help you determine exactly which doctor(s) will be best for your child and your family. Stefanie really takes the time to get to know you and make you feel at ease — she makes you feel like you are sitting with a friend. It’s not easy to navigate this system — particularly when your emotions are involved. Stefanie’s warmth and sincerity are real, and even in her follow-up she’s 100% “with you”. She should be your first phone call.

Susan S

Stefanie’s experience researching the background and experience of the top doctors in their field and meeting and vetting their approach to dealing with a child’s disorder uniquely qualifies her to provide the help and guidance that parents need in choosing the “right doctor” for their child.

Just met an Amazing woman- Stefanie Weiss, who recently opened an office on the UES She is a Mental Health Consultant who guides parents with children struggling with various disorders such as Anxiety, OCD, PANDAS, ADHD. She is a mom of 3, so easy to relate to, and has connections to all the TOP doctors in the city. Stefanie is your “Go To” girl for help for you and your children! Contact her at 646-543-0426. Her office is 320 E. 65th Street.
Trust Me… You will LOVE her!

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